If you workout at home because you don’t have time to get to the gym, memberships are too pricy, don’t have access to a gym or like the convenience, here are some great websites that have home workouts and use very minimal to no equipment. But just because there is little to no equipment, don’t think the workouts are easy! If you stick with them, they will whip you into shape. No more excuses!

Zuzka Light’s YouTube Channel – Her videos are very easy to follow and require only your body weight, skipping rope (I just mimic the motion without a real rope) and occasionally dumbbells or a kettle bell. If you don’t have these at home, they make great additions to your home gym, or you can fill a milk jug with sand.

Bodyrock TV – These workouts are great as well. They do require a bit more equipment but if you get creative you can make your own. Like I mentioned above, a milk jug with sand for a weight, use chairs or coffee table for triceps dips. Or you can order the equipment they suggest, and make your own home gym!

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