If you are wanting to start losing weight, but are left wondering what your goal weight should be, how many calories should you be eating to achieve your goal weight and how do you track your calories. Below are some great tools in achieving all of these things.

Calorie Calculator – Calculates the number of calories you should be consuming for the weight entered.

myfitnesspal – This is a great tool to track the number of calories you consume daily. There is also an app for myfitnesspal on your iPhone or iPad. With the app, you can scan the barcode on the food you are consuming with your iPhone, and myfitnesspal brings up the calories on the product (it will make more sense once you use this feature.).

Ideal Weight Calculator – This calculator will let you know your ideal weight based on your gender and height. Just be aware, that if your body has more muscle than a regular person, you may weigh more than what this calculator suggests you should. I would just use it as a guideline, rather than an exact number.

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