“No Excuses” (no this blog isn’t what you think)

No excuses….how many times have I ever said this or have you heard this?? A lot. I now see these words with a clearer sense of the meaning in my life. I see a lot of things different after becoming a mom and of course just getting older. There a lot of things in life that are what we can call “excuses”, but I like to now call them reasons. The reason I can’t show up to a workout some days is because I am so f**king tired I can’t even see straight. I then log onto Facebook, because that is literally the only thing I have any physical energy left to do…use my thumb to scroll. I know I am not alone. I used to beat myself up so much for missing a workout because I was tired. I had to show everyone that I had no excuses. I look back and feel really stupid for that thought. So I apologize. What I want to be for moms, women and anyone else is a real life example…trying to fit in eating healthy, exercise and attempting to raise my kids as healthy little adults.

Don’t get me wrong, there are silly reasons for not doing something. Trust me – a body in motion stays in motion – a body at rest stays at rest. Instead of having this “no excuse” attitude, I have really focused on remembering the above statement. I know that I am going to feel a heck of a lot better when my body is moving, even if I only had 5 hours of accumulated sleep. Sleep is a distant memory… so days I am just feeling unmotivated I get my butt to the gym. Days I am delusional I try to let my body rest. REST is important but so is moving your body, and you will know what you need.

Becoming a mom has taught me to love myself and understand others on a whole other level. I have SO much more empathy. I used to think “I have a baby and I am still working out and eating healthy, so everyone can do it”. WRONG. I got pregnant with my second and life changed (even more). Until I had my second I could not believe I was sooooo busy with just one babe. I really had to prioritize my workouts and cook healthy meals. That shit is hard, and it is still hard. AND I totally understand when moms OR dads can’t get it all in. What I want to be is someone to reach out to for real life advice. I am not a doctor or dietician but I am a mom, who lives this life day-to-day, and I want to share how to make this lifestyle work in your own family.

I also cannot forget my favorite quote, “I Can and I will”. I am able-bodied. I am capable. I am willing. I can move my body, I can show my girls that their mom is strong, I can show my girls that push ups and deadlifts aren’t just for men, I can fill our fridge with healthy foods. And as a whole women CAN inspire, motivate and push (in a good way) each other. Each person has their own struggles and they don’t need to hear day after day to have “no excuses”. We need to change to way we encourage. We need to help each other find our reasons. Place focus on the positive.

Find your reason(s), find your village, find those that inspire you, never hesitate to give a woman a compliment (we all go through hard shit and sometimes we need to remind each other that we got this), and most of all LOVE YOURSELF.







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