What is Real?

I felt I needed to blog, although it has been a long time. Kids can have that effect, in a good way, but seriously, life passes by, and things (like blogging) get put on the back burner. Nothing has changed in my life health and fitness wise, but I don’t get a chance to blog, ever! And I miss it. I miss letting my thoughts out, and even if I can reach only one or two people, and maybe inspire them, even though they have kids, or a busy job, life, commitments or whatever the circumstance, to carve out some time everyday to make fitness a priority and take charge of the way they fuel their body.

But what enticed me to write in the first place, is these crazy memes going around about body shaming, mom bods, what moms really look like after baby, and placing everyone in a category. I don’t like categories and I don’t like being put in one. If we don’t want to body shame, then why when I read these articles about what a moms body should look like after babies, and my body doesn’t type doesn’t appear there, I feel like I should be ashamed for having muscle and working out. I feel like this isn’t what is normal. Maybe it’s not, but its my normal. I feel proud of the hard work and dedication I have put into gaining strength and eating healthy. I shouldn’t feel shame after having a baby. Moms should feel proud of being able to birth a baby and look however the hell they want to after. And maybe instead of wasting time making memes and writing articles about what they think normal and real should look like, we should just focus on encouraging and motivating each other. Motherhood is hard enough, we shouldn’t make it harder then it needs to be.

I want moms to feel inspired when they come to my page. I know how uninspiring it can be to be run off your feet, not one minute to myself (yes even to pee), dark circles, baby cries, multiple night feeds, toddler demands (yes, they’re multiplyin’), and then put supper on the table. But I also know how good it feels when other moms encourage, support and compliment one another. So tonight, after my littles went to bed, I felt inspired. I reflected back on my day, remembered how lucky I am to be run off my feet by two healthy, amazing human beings. I wouldn’t change motherhood for the world, but what I would change is how women and mothers treat each other. I want to hopefully inspire other women and moms to build each other up, instead of tear each other down. Everyone has their own definition of normal and lets embrace that!

Not only as moms, but women in general, we tend to feel guilty about taking time out for ourselves, but its worth it. Putting our health first is a good thing. It can have a positive affect on our family. Everyone is happy, if mama is happy (uh huh, its true). Those days you would rather watch every version of Real Housewives, then even fathom getting off the couch and doing some squats, let alone going to the gym, need to stop. Yes I get it, its exhausting, but its amazing. A quick walk or a dance party will even do the trick. So get your body moving every day and pretty soon you will feel like a new woman!

I want to thank everyone for continuing to follow me and my journey, even when I am not blogging and just making Facebook posts. I hope to inspire all the mamas and women out there to realize that you are worth the effort to treat your own body and the bodys of your family the way you deserve!




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