Support In Unlikely Places

Okay, so I am part of some different fitness groups on Facebook and I love them. It is amazing to me that so many women, most who don’t even know each other, can post their struggles, triumphs, set backs, progress pictures, meal ideas, workouts, motivation and everything in between, and support each other. I know Facebook can be a “waste of time”, but honestly, in some cases, it is an extremely amazing tool for support. Women need to empower each other, support one another and love each other, and I see a lot of that going on. We struggle enough in our daily lives to have someone judge us. Especially when they have never walked a mile in our shoes. Unless we are perfect, we shouldn’t pass judgement on others. I find having these Facebook support groups keep me motivated. Knowing there are other women I can ask for advice, share my progress with and give me motivation, when sometimes I don’t have any, keeps me truckin’ on my fitness journey.

If you are looking for a fitness tool, a Facebook fitness support group can help… A LOT.

What are your favorite fitness support groups on Facebook?


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