The New FFIT Life

It’s surreal as I begin to write my very first post as a new mother. There is no more having to just look after myself, but instead I now have a human life to look after, which is the most important job in the world. I feel incredibly blessed and as cliché as it sounds, my life has more of a purpose now, I know who I am. I am a mother and my daughter is the light of my life. It is hard to hold back the tears thinking about the day I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, the moment she was placed in my arms and that moment we became a family. She has brought us so much joy in such a short amount of time, and every day she grows and we are learning so many new things about her. It’s no longer just about my fit life, but about our fit life. I can’t wait to share so many new ideas on how not only I keep myself healthy but my baby girl too.

Rewind 5 weeks ago, I was having contractions, but I had, had these before…. Braxton Hicks (tricky buggers), so I called my mom for advice and she told me that she thought I was in labor. Yeah right, I had felt like this before. It was noon when I began having stronger contractions, but still didn’t think much of it. 1 o’clock hit, my husband went back to work, because I insisted I was fine. 1:30 came along and by that time I had to call my husband to get home and call the hospital because I couldn’t talk and ask when I should make my way to the hospital (which I already knew the answer to, but was secretly hoping for a different answer). Yeah, it happened that fast. He quickly made his way home to begin timing my contractions. I was dealing with these bad boys as best I could and the last thing I could think about was timing sh*t. I labored at home for a few hours before making my way to the hospital. My husband called my parents to let them know we were headed to the hospital and they hit the road to come meet their grand-daughter in very near future. I will keep the next part brief as I am sure no one wants the details :). But once I made it to the hospital I felt relieved to know I wasn’t going to have my baby in a car (we had to drive 30 minutes on the highway and when we made it to town we hit every red light on the way to the hospital of course). Once at the hospital it was only a short 5 hours before we got to meet our baby girl. That moment was extremely surreal and it still continues to be.

I did birth her naturally, and it was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Yes it hurt, but it was so worth it. It was amazing to be present mentally and physically the entire time. I did have a birthing plan, and the nurses followed it exactly and for that I am extremely grateful. Not once did they ask me if I wanted medication and suggested different methods I could deal with contractions naturally. I do credit part of my success to them. But the person I could NOT have done this without is my husband. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to have had him by my side the entire time, beginning to end. He was there for every contraction, and all the sweat, blood and tears. He is my rock. He kept calm, kept me calm and was extremely supportive. This experience has made us closer than ever before.

The only time I was administered medicine was at the end,  the placenta wouldn’t detach itself and I began losing blood and a lot of it. I ended up having to go into surgery to have the placenta removed, not fun. It was incredibly hard to have my baby taken away from me so shortly after meeting her and leaving my new family. But everything turned out just fine.My mom and dad made it just a few minutes after she was born, so it was nice to have their support as well. We spent a couple of days in the hospital, my poor husband had to sleep on the most uncomfortable chair (with no complaining). My mom and dad spent most of the day with us at the hospital, bringing us breakfast in the mornings and helping us take care of our new baby. I am incredibly grateful for them.

I have almost finished healing. I couldn’t sit for the first 2 weeks after giving birth because of the surgery and the very fact that I gave birth. My mom was able to stay with us for the first 2 and half weeks, helping me cook, clean, do laundry (good God, I never knew someone so small would create so many dirty clothes), keeping me from panicking and most importantly, it gave me a chance to let me get to know my baby girl without having to run my household. MY husband has also been extremely helpful, dirty diapers and all! I have decided to breastfeed her, and that in itself is a great bonding experience. It’s makes me sit down on busy days and just enjoy that time together.

The last month has flown by, and that scares me! She is over 9 pounds now and getting her chub on. I stare at her everyday for hours, thanking God she is mine and how I vow to protect her every day of her life. She has started smiling, is feisty and makes the oddest animal like sounds. I love her to the ends of the earth and can’t wait to watch her grow, and be able to share that with everyone!

But my little Bean is starting to stir, which means one thing ;), so I better go! I am looking so forward to sharing my new journey with everyone, and promise I won’t wait another 5 weeks before blogging!



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3 thoughts on “The New FFIT Life

  1. Jennifer says:

    Aww, that made me weepy! So happy for you guys, it reminds me so much of of when my baby girl ( who is now almost 6) was born 😦 …..goes by so fast! Thanks for sharing.

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