Yes I am still pregnant…

Good Afternoon!

With the thunder rolling and sound of rain in the background, I thought I would take some quiet time out of my day to post. This past week and a half has flown by, between baking, laundry, cleaning, yard work and all the other odds and ends (think I’m nesting ;)), I have been keeping myself busy. I even missed posting last week! But I just wanted to take some time to give everyone a little update and a little inspiration for this week.

Today marks 39 weeks (approximately, they call them an estimated due date for a reason), and I couldn’t be happier. The closer she makes it to full term the better, although we are getting very excited to meet her! After making it to 37 weeks, my doctor has encouraged me to walk a couple of times a day, which I couldn’t be happier about! Rain or shine I am walking every day, either outside or on the treadmill, along with some body weighted squats and stretching (gotta get those leg muscles primed ;)). I am feeling great and seem to have lots of energy, but still require an afternoon nap, which I might as well take advantage of all the sleep I can get right now!


This pic is legit ;), no using Instagram or photoshop, just a raw shot of my growing belly!

Last post I talk about getting started and this time I want to post about patience. Whether you are just getting started or are in the midst of changing workout programs, you have to be patient. Seeing results takes time, end of story. If you think you are going to see drastic results by the end of 7 days you are wrong. If a magazine promises overnight results or even results in a couple of days, but that copy right back where you found it. It took you a while to put the weight on and become addicted to certain foods, it’s going to take a while to get the weight back off and kick your cravings to the curb. If you don’t see the scale budge after a week, don’t throw in the towel, you are just getting started. But once you start seeing results you will become addicted to success, and will continue to want to see more changes. I didn’t see drastic results in 2 weeks, it took me months and months to achieve my goals, and once I achieved such goals, I made new ones for myself.

Never stop setting goals for yourself. Set small goals instead of putting so much pressure on yourself to achieve unrealistic goals in such a small time frame. Set short-term, achievable goals, such as losing 5 pounds in one month, if you get to your goal great, continue to set new ones, and if you don’t, take a look back and see what was stopping you from reaching your goal. Make sure to document everything, from your workouts to what you eat daily. This way it makes it easy to go back and see what you can change to be able to achieve your goals. And if you are documenting everything, be truthful! The only person you are lying to is yourself! If you ate a Snickers bar at lunch, write it down, just because you regret it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Patience doesn’t always mean slowly watching the scale go down either. When I first began eating healthy and working out the scale went down. I was losing fat, but then the scale stopped, and my body had finally reached a weight it was happy maintaining. I wasn’t obsessed with watching the scale continuously go down, I was happy with wherever my body naturally wanted me to be. The scale actually started to go up for a while, due to the fact I was continuously increasing the weight I was training with. Some people freak out at the sight of the scale increasing, but since muscle takes up less space in your body than fat does, the scale may go up instead of down. Setting a weight goal can be a good thing, but don’t dwell on it. Sometimes a better way to accurately measure your success it having your body fat measured periodically.

Give yourself enough time to make changes, but no time to make excuses. If you have given yourself 30 days to begin seeing results, and don’t see them, check to see why. Have you not been getting enough sleep, not preparing your food and have been reaching for junk and store-bought “healthy” snacks, not preparing your food the night before and are rushing out the door on an empty stomach, not packing your gym bag the night before and having to go home and get your clothes and end up just staying home, eating clean all week and becoming a weekend warrior and over-consuming junk food and alcohol? All of these things can stop you from reaching your results. YOU are the only one who can take control and make YOU a success. You have all the tools you need, you just need to believe in yourself and commit!

Happy Tuesday!!


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