It’s The Final Countdown

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and are out and about on this beautiful day! In just over a week I will be able to as well! This week happened to be very positive, I had an ultra sound on Tuesday, followed up by a doctor’s appointment the next day ensuring she is a growing, healthy baby. The head is still incredibly low, so my doctor continued to advise me that I will be on bed rest until my 37th week of pregnancy, which isn’t very far away! Trust me, I already have plans for that day ;). I can rest assured now, knowing everything (in my control anyways) is okay. I am not going to lie, my time spent on bed rest has gone by fairly quickly, but my body is yearning for a small amount of exercise. All I am needing is a short walk and some stretching. I have to get this preggo bod ready for the biggest workout of my life…LABOR! Soon enough I will be able to enjoy some short walks in the sunshine, before I give birth to my little sunshine. I also want to thank everyone who has taken the time to come visit me and keep me company, it is appreciated more than you all know!! I am sure if someone videotaped me, I would be sent to the crazy house because I am not sure the amount I talk to my dogs is healthy ;).

Now I wanted to share some money saving tips, and unfortunately these aren’t fitness or health related, but I wanted to share them anyways (some of the mamas out there probably already know this, but for the ones that don’t it has helped me immensely). These tips are related to someone who already runs my life, but hasn’t quite made her appearance yet, my little girl! It seems like once you find out you are pregnant, the online searches begin, cribs, car seats, STROLLERS, high chairs, clothes, carriers, and the list goes on and on and on. Yes, I was one of those people, but the more I got researching the more I thought had to be a cheaper way to get set up for baby. Where did I go? Kijiji! Thank the Lord for this place! My dad and I spent countless hours finding higher quality items, barely used and a third of the price. We were able to purchase a Bugaboo stroller and a Peg Perego high chair on Kijiji. My dad found a Mamaroo on Craiglists, I found a bassinet on the Grande Prairie Moms Buy and Sell Facebook page and we were able to purchase a second-hand Peg Perego car seat that was used for only 6 months from a friend. If you have ever looked at baby furniture, it can be costly. My grandma ended up giving us a beautiful antique dresser, rocking chair and end table for the nursery.For the rocking chair, my other grandma is an amazing seamstress, so she sewed me a lavender colored cushion.

The moral of the story is, you don’t HAVE to buy everything brand new. If you are looking to save a little money, make sure to check out Kijiji, Craigslist, your local Buy & Sell group and talk to friends and family about getting rid of any unneeded baby items. We just made sure to take all the cloth parts on each of our items off and wash them well. If you are able to find a cheap crib, sand and re-stain, or paint a cute color to match your nursery. There are so many second-hand items out there, they could put Babies R’ Us out of business.


Mamaroo – Craigslist

Dresser, end table & rocking chair – Grandma Kelly

Cushion for rocking chair – Grandma Emy

Decorations for the nursery – Ikea (blanket & pictures)


Bassinet – Grande Prairie Moms Buy & Sell


Bugaboo Stroller – Kijiji


Peg Perego high chair – Kijiji

I hope this has been even the littlest bit helpful to those mama’s and mama’s to be! If you have any money savings tips, PLEASE feel free to share them here or on my Facebook page, every little bit of advice can help! I can’t wait to share food tips in the coming future, when baby gets to that stage!

Happy Saturday!



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