I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to get back at it! I am so sorry I haven’t posted, in what feels like forever! I have been spending more time looking for baby gear than blogging lately. My baby is already consuming most of my time before she even gets here, which I am more than okay with. I already love her more than words can say, and she hasn’t even arrived. I cherish every little kick or movement, and can’t wait to meet her.

But what I want to share to today was something I got thinking about the other day, and that is support. From day 1, I have had support (and sometimes backlash, but I want to focus on the good today). I have had unconditional support from my husband and my parents. These people not only encourage me daily to continue this journey, but have also joined me on it. My husband has never missed a beat, and has been by my side the entire time cheering me on, joining me in the gym and eating healthy. If there is one thing that might sabotage your efforts, it can be a lack of support. You can get caught up in having your peers or significant other ragging you for your efforts or discouraging your journey. I find the ones who discourage you from beginning a healthy lifestyle are the ones who aren’t ready themselves and don’t want you to succeed just because they aren’t ready. This is when you need to enlist all the help you can get. All you need is ONE person who is willing to join you on your journey and help keep each other motivated, on track and keep from straying. This person can be a spouse, friend (online works too), relative, co-worker, or even ….. your dog. We all know most dogs will never deny you of going for a walk/run. But just enlist someone!!

There are days when either he or myself don’t want to go to the gym or just want that cinnamon bun, but we are a team and don’t let each other stray. Yes we do have treats every now and then (once every 3 months maybe), but they are very rare and are a conscious decision we make. Having a partner in crime has been essential for me. On trips back home (6.5 hours), we NEVER stop at a gas station or fast food chain, we pack a lunch/supper and snacks. This includes things such as almonds, apples, sandwiches, soup, berries, salads, carrots, celery, and don’t forget your ice packs ;). I don’t have to watch him eat 20 chicken nuggets and large fries while I pile berries into my mouth. Even if your spouse/significant other doesn’t want to join you in journey, just ask that they be supportive.

Make a plan of attack. Decide what days you will go/meet at the gym, what workout you will do, and how long it will take you. If you are enlisting a friend to join your journey, you can even meet at each others homes for food prep. Pick one day out of the week where you will get together and prep all your food for the week or at least half the week. If your spouse has decided to join you, do this with them. Have your kids join in and get the entire family involved.

Now if no one you know will join you, go at it yourself! There is nothing wrong with this. If you are ready, you don’t have to wait. If you are ready to wage war and get into the best shape and health of your life, begin today! I guarantee once others start to see your results they will voluntarily want to join you :). The decision to get healthy begins in your mind. Once your mind is made up, sometimes you don’t need the help of anyone. Either way, the decision of when to begin is yours. WHEN WILL YOU BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY???

Also know, if you are looking for a support group, please never hesitate to ask for help on my blog or Facebook page. If you want to begin a support group, and want to ask if anyone is interested, please by all means go ahead :). I love to encourage these types of things, the more people who can get healthy the better!

Just because I am pregnant doesn’t mean I don’t need support anymore sticking with my goals. I still have goals. My goals still determine how many days I work out, the duration, the intensity (these things depend on how I am feeling, and never over bearing, my baby’s needs come first). I also make sure I eat every 2-3 hours and ensure I am getting all my nutrients. My support system has been stronger than ever during my pregnancy, and for this I am very grateful. They want to see me stay healthy not only for myself but my growing baby :).

Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean it has to be a bad day. Make Monday a great day, a day you look forward to. It’s the beginning of a new week, and you can form new habits! So get your journey started today, you won’t regret it!


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