One Year Ago…..

First of all, I CAN’T believe it has been a year since my very first post. Where did it go??? I get very overwhelmed when I begin to type this post because I begin to think back on everything that has happened in this last year and it has been nothing short of amazing. I have done countless things that got me out of my comfort zone, met some amazing followers and also realized how many amazing family members and friends I have, and most importantly began a journey, a journey that I hope will never end! All I can say is wow! I began my journey before I started my blog. I began eating “clean” and working out, and the longer I did these things the better I felt. I became extremely passionate about health and fitness in a short amount of time, and wanted to learn as much as I could. I researched the crap out of everything (which I still do to this day), I couldn’t read enough articles, blogs or find enough recipes. Finally, the day came where I had all this information and wanted to start sharing it! So on February 1st, 2012 I wrote my very first post, and THEFFITLIFE was born. My God was I nervous when I hit the “publish” button. So many things ran through my head, what were people going to think of me, was anyone going to read my blog, and will anyone care enough to come and read my blog week after week? I was incredibly afraid to be judged, and once you enter into cyberspace you are now out there to be judged. But to my pleasant surprise, this entire year of blogging has been incredibly positive. There is no better feeling than checking your blog (now Facebook too :)) and seeing family, friends and even people you have never met leave such positive messages for you. My goal when starting this blog, was not only to share my journey, but to hopefully spark an interest in others to begin their own journey. I wanted it (and still want it) to be a place where you can come and know that you are not alone, a sort of community where you can share your thoughts, struggles, ideas, and even your own journeys. A place where you could feel comfortable in asking for help, and no one is here to judge you.

Looking back, it has become almost an online journal for me, where I have shared my life, struggles, recipes (mostly dessert ;)), and of course my opinions. I went and re-read my very first post, I had just got my 6 pack lunch bag, which has been used countless times, and gets a few stares and comments due to its size, but I can still say, it has been one of the best investments I have ever made. After that, Valentines Day rolled around the corner and my husband bought me a Vitamix blender, although the 6 pack bag is awesome, this thing takes the cake. It is the single best appliance in my kitchen. It has helped us stay healthy, made amazing smoothies, flours, soups, dips, batters, crushed nuts, almond milk, ice cream, and gosh I can’t even think of everything. I know they are a pricy little machine, but using ours 2-5 times a day, it has been worth every penny. Since then, we have added a juicer to lives, and are thoroughly enjoying all that this machine has to offer.

I am so proud of where I started and how far I have come. 123 posts, 15,934 views, 277 amazing followers (between my blog and Facebook), and a ton of positive feedback. Looking back at these statistics makes me incredibly happy. I want to thank every single person who has taken the time out of their day to read my blog, try my recipes (I know sometimes they don’t turn out as planned ;)), visit my Facebook page, take the time to comment and leave such positive feedback. I have received so many messages that by the end of reading them, make my smile.

This year has brought some amazing vacations, my brothers engagement, my grandma’s wedding, my husband and I starting crossfit, a brand new healthy lifestyle, a blog, a Facebook page, even a photoshoot and the most exciting…the day we found out I was pregnant! One chapter of our lives is soon closing and another is soon to open. One I am more than excited for!!! Even though this past year has been amazing, the year ahead looks just as wonderful. I am going to be an Auntie again (yay!!), my brother is graduating with his engineering degree and is getting married, and my husband and I will be welcoming our baby (in June!). I can’t wait to share all the new experiences I encounter being a mother and balance staying healthy and fit.

A little over a year ago I never imagined all of these things would have happened all in one year, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so glad I took the leap to begin a blog and share my life with all of you, usually good, but I also wanted to keep it real and share my struggles, where I began, what I had to overcome, and also help anyone I could begin their journey. If I inspired just one person, it would make my day! I genuinely LOVE health and fitness and want to share my passion with anyone who will listen to me. I am constantly learning, which allows me to share these things with you. I know when I go to “share” information that not everyone will agree with it, but what I realized that in this industry everyone has an opinion, and I like to read all of them and then take that information and form my own opinion. But if you never inform yourself on the issues that surround you, you will never be able to form an opinion. I find learning about what I feed my body a very important topic and read articles on everything from people who believe in a paleo diet, to those who believe in veganism and everything in between. I want to know what the government isn’t telling me, and I know they aren’t always telling the truth, so it is up to me to inform myself. This is where my passion kicks in and wants to share everything I read with you. You can then read and form your own opinion. I hope I can continue to share information, recipes, photos, and anything else I get my hands on and keep you all coming back :). If there is anything you could like to see from me, PLEASE do not hesitate to leave me a message!

I’m sorry if this post is a little long, but it is really hard to sum up an entire year in one post, but I think I did it (hopefully). Thank you all once again for continued support and positive feedback.

Have a wonderful weekend, and make sure you don’t forget to keep it clean even though it’s the weekend :).





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