Avoiding Overeating

With the holidays right around the corner, along with Christmas parties out the wazoo there comes the fear when you have begun clean eating, of what the heck you are going to eat. To avoid feeling anxious here are some tips to avoid overeating but indulging in a few of your favorites.

1. Don’t Go Hungry – I live by this rule all year-long, not just during the holidays. When going to a birthday party, out for dinner at a restuarant, and especially during the holidays, I will eat a small meal before heading for dinner. Anything from a smoothie to a small piece of chicken and veggies. This alleviates the feeling of pure hunger which usually results in thinking with your stomach and not your head.

2. Make decisions ahead of time – If you are going to indulge, make the decision ahead of time of what you are going to have. Whether it be your mom’s amazing caramel pudding pie (that would be my mom :)) or Grandma’s famous gingersnap cookies, decide ahead of time what your indulgences will be, and STICK TO THEM. You don’t need to try every color of jube jube or eat candy canes like they are going out of style. Pick the treats that will be worth indulging in.

3. Pick the best choices first – When doing this, make sure to load up on healthy proteins (turkey) and vegetables first. Leave the least amount of room for mashed potatoes or whole wheat bun. This will leave you satiated and full in a good way, instead of hitting the couch for a 2 hour post dinner nap.

4. If you do overindulge, forgive yourself and keep moving forward – Resist the urge to beat yourself up about it. You don’t do it all the time, so enjoy it when you do. Avoid the “well I have blown my diet, I might as well just eat whatever I want now” mentality.

5. Don’t avoid eating all day, just to indulge later – This can be a very bad habit to get into. You think “I’ll save all of my calories for later so I can indulge then”. Don’t even go down that road. You will be doing your body a disservice by putting your body into starvation mode thus slowing down your metabolism. Like mentioned above, eat before you go and decide earlier on what you will be indulging in.

6. After dinner, don’t hang around the dessert table – This makes it waayy to easy to reach for one, two or possibly way more treats then you intended on. Go and join in conversation elsewhere, which will help get your mind off eating.

7. Just say no – This can be the hardest task of all. Don’t let anyone convince you, you need NEED to eat something. Just simply say “no thanks”. You don’t need to please others, only yourself :).

So there you have it, some simple but effective tips on enjoying but no over indulging in your holiday meals :).

Now for my favorite part, sharing a recipe!

I found this super yummy looking recipe on Little b’s healthy habits blog. Enjoy!

Clean Eating Crock Pot Beef & Broccoli

Happy Monday 🙂

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