Back & Ready For Action

I’m back!! Hopefully you missed me somewhat :). I had a great holiday, with lots of great family time, shopping and relaxing. I headed down to Phoenix for 8 warm days and loved every minute. It is nice to take time to get refocused and most important focus my time on my family and myself. I feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever is next! But I will admit, I missed blogging! But just because I was on holidays doesn’t mean I threw my diet and lifestyle out the window. My mom, dad, husband and myself joined the local gym and made it faithfully almost everyday. When I ate out, it was a spinach salad with chicken and a vinaigrette on the side, and for my last night, I had a steak and asked for no oil, butter or salt and a side salad. It can be hard when everyone around you is ordering mouth-watering dishes, but my body always thanks me in the end. If you are wondering if making healthy choices while eating out was always easy, it wasn’t. It was definitely a learned and practiced behavior. It takes a lot of self-control to not order something not worthy of entering your body, but also to not stick your fork in your neighbors fettuccine alfredo, and “help” them finish their dinner.

The best part about have a condo is having a full functioning kitchen. I could make my protein pancake every morning, yogurt and berries and protein shakes. My family eats the way I do, which makes it so much easier for me. It is so nice to head to the grocery store, and seeing my family read the labels and ingredients. But enough about food :), it was a great trip with lots of laughs and family!

My husband and I at San Tan Flats. It is hard to describe, but it is an amazing place. It is mostly all outdoors and there are picnic tables with a fire pit at each and you put your own wood on the fire, and can roast marshmallows. There is a live band, and if you are hungry you can get in line and order your food and once your numbers comes up, you pick up your food. Sounds easy, but there are hundreds of people there and hard to even find a place to sit. It is one of the most fun places around Phoenix.

My mom, dad and I before heading to the gym!

I just had to include a picture of my new sneakers!! I couldn’t resist buying these hot pink and green shoes. You can never have too many gym shoes ;).
I hope you all have a wonderful night, and I will be back in the next couple of days with some new recipes and tips!!!


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