Things I Never Dreamed Of….

I seen this picture today, and thought about how true it is in my life right now on both a physical and mental level. There are so many things I NEVER thought I would be doing less than a year ago, but I am incredibly thankful that I am. This past year has been one of the best years of my life. I have never felt better mentally or physically, and can’t wait to continue sharing my journey!

One of the hings I never EVER dreamed about doing before I decided to change my life was to start a BLOG! I am shy (until you get to know me :)), and have an extreme fear of being judged and ultimately misjudged. I am so happy I decided to conquer my fear and go for it. I remember pressing publish on my very first post, thank goodness I didn’t have a lot of people reading my blog at that time. I can genuinely admit that I love blogging. It is a great outlet for my thoughts and feelings at the present time, a way for me to share my journey, struggles, ideas, workouts, tips and most of all my passion for a healthy lifestyle. So THANK YOU to every person who reads :). I have been amazed over the amount of positive feedback I have received throughout the course of my journey, and that motivates me to continue on.

I never dreamed of doing Crossfit. I thought it looked bad@ss, but was only for extreme athletes. NOT true. My husband and I began this past March and can’t imagine looking back. We’re addicted! No we’re not extreme athletes by any means, just a married couple who loves a challenge, and maybe a little healthy competition :).

A blog never even crossed my mind, let alone a Facebook page allowing me to share even more ideas. I love having another outlet to share information and communicate easily with others, and help as many people as I can. I can truly say I think I have found my passion in life, and that is helping others live a healthier lifestyle. I LOVE helping. I want my Facebook page a place where every single person who reads can feel comfortable to ask questions and never feel their question is inadequate.  A place where others can feel free to begin topics for ideas. I also want to say THANK YOU to all who “Like” me on Facebook and put up with me in their Newsfeed :).

I NEVER dreamed about having photographs taken. I would have to say my level of fear was about 100 out of 10. But I did it and loved it! I wanted to have pictures to look back on to remember how hard I worked. No, my body is NOWHERE near perfect, but I am proud of my progress. I always kept saying I will do something like that when I look a certain way. Truth be told, I will probably never look that “certain way” I want myself too. So I am beginning to learn to love myself the way I look now, and not the way I think I should look. I am a constant work in progress, but that is what I live for. I love getting up early to go workout, I enjoy eating clean and I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. I don’t do it because someone told me to or think I should. I do it because I LOVE it.

Last but not least, I am sure I am not the only one who would have never dreamed this (maybe my mom :)), but I wouldn’t have never dreamed of baking. I remember getting tons of bakeware for my wedding showers, and thought “what the heck am I going to do with this stuff?”. It was beautiful, but I could barely cook, let alone bake something. I guess everything happens for a reason, and now my bakeware is looking well used :). Baking is something I fully enjoy. I love creating new recipes and being able to share ways to clean up desserts and make eating them good for you!

There is something I never dreamed but just knew. I knew that I would have a partner by my side every step of the way, not only supporting me, but jumping in with both feet right along side me. That person would be my husband. He has been amazing during my journey, but he has had quite a journey himself. I am soooo proud of what he has accomplished, and most importantly, what we have accomplished together.

I know I said it earlier, but I am truly thankful for everyone who reads my blog and Facebook Page. I am thankful for your positivity and just accepting me for me. That’s something I struggled with for a very long time, but people having express such nice things makes it easier for me to open up and share my journey. I have learnt to never judge someone, but try to understand and help whenever I can. So please, if you have any ideas, tips, questions or recipes, always feel free to ask them here, on my Facebook page, or email.

Have a wonderful Monday night!!


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