Bridal Blitz!

I know I have been absent the last couple of days, but I went home to visit my family and go dress shopping with my sister-in-law to be! I was honored she asked me to help her find a dress, and a dress she found. I would love to share a picture on here, but I know my brother reads my blog and I think I would get fired as a bridesmaid ;). We also ended up finding our bridesmaid dresses and attended the Bridal Fantasy show. My time at home is never long enough, but I enjoyed every minute!

Me, Sarah & Mom before heading to the Bridal Show

Sarah and I before the fashion show!

But just because I went home for the weekend, doesn’t mean I ate any different or put my workouts on the back burner. My mom and dad are also fitness devotees and join me whenever I go to the gym. It makes me incredibly happy when my whole family can go to the gym together and do something healthy together. My family is more than supportive when it comes to my lifestyle, and will help me in any way they can.

My Mom snapped a photo of me doing calf raises. I did my leg day on Sunday and I am still sore!

I hope you all had a great weekend and a great start to your week!

I would like to know what keeps you motivated, especially when life gets busy??? Share you thoughts with me šŸ˜‰

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