I Work Outtt..

It is no secret that I work out, but what some of you don’t know is that I ALWAYS workout with my husband. We schedule a time the day before and decide on the workout together. I sometimes don’t know what I would do without him. He gets my a** to the gym when somedays… I just don’t want to (and vice versa) and pushes me harder than I would sometimes push myself. We have been going to the gym together so long that we have a system and it just works. We can be in and out of the gym in an hour and walk out together feeling great!

If you are having trouble getting to the gym yourself, look right next to you on the couch, there he is Facebooking or watching sportsnet. Throw the idea out there, that you and him should get in shape together. And if he comes back to you with “I don’t have time”, you can just laugh and tell him Sportsnet can be PVR’ed (you knew PVR would really come in handy one day ;)). Now your workout partner DOESN’T need to be your significant other, it can be a friend, family member or even pet! Hell, you don’t even need a workout partner, but it can help if you need someone to stay accountable to. Now I hope the above rant made some sense, as I know I can babble, but in all seriousness, find what works for you and JUST DO IT!

I know almost everyone needs some motivation and most of us use Facebook, so here are some people I follow to help get me motivated!

Kim Dolan Leto

Angi Greene

Both are mothers and are in amazing shape. They also share great recipes and tips.

All Natural Athlete – She has great recipes and tips

Fierce Forward – Ashley Johns has an amazing page full of great information and motivation!

Make sure to check out these pages!

Now I present to you, the Llyod Lake dessert! This picture does it no justice, but it was amazing. My mom and I have a little sweet tooth, so before supper one night, we decided we needed an “after dinner mint” so to say. So this is what we can up with. I just want to warn you, I wouldn’t make the entire recipe if you are going to be the only one eating it ;). Please note this recipe wasn’t measured to an exact science so you may have to increase or decrease the amount of each ingredient used, but if you make it, it will be well worth it.

Almond Butter Bark

8 squares of Lindor 75-90% dark chocolate (give or take ;))

1/2 cup almond butter

1/2 cup crushed almonds (I put whole almonds in a ziploc bag and use a meat tenderizer (or whatever hard tool I can find) to crush them)

Almond Milk

1. Melt chocolate squares in a sauce pan, stirring in almond milk to keep a smooth consistency.

2. Once chocolate is melted and smooth, remove from stove and stir in almonds.

3. Cover the bottom of a pyrex dish with parchment paper, and pour in chocolate mixture.

4. Melt the almond butter either in a sauce pan, or in the microwave, and drizzle over the chocolate mixture.

5. Place in the freezer until completely frozen.

6. Remove from freezer 2-5 minutes before devouring consuming ;).

It is seriously to die for!


My husband snapped a couple of shots of me last night at the gym. We have gone back to phase 1 day 1 of the Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer in order to get ready for our upcoming vacations!


Who helps you stay accountable?

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