I’mmmmm Back!!!

I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye, but just give me chance to explain. I had to leave earlier for my trip than expected and was flying around my house trying to get everything packed and ready and out the door within one hour, dogs and all! I was planning on doing one last blog before I left, but sometimes things don’t go as planned, but the great thing is I got one more day at the lake!  I hope you all had a good week! My week was very relaxing and rejuvenating, both of which are exactly what I needed. I only worked out once in 8 days, yes I said 8 days! My mom and I did a 12 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) WOD, which I will post further down. I ate clean my entire trip (with the exception of a couple more pieces of dark chocolate than the daily recommendation ;)). I got to spend one week my mom, dad, husband and doggies. My dogs didn’t love the plane ride, but they did love the boat! It is amazing what a little R&R will do for your body and mind.

My husband, mom, dad, doggies and I getting dropped off on the pier the lake.

Stretching on the pier

The lake is one of my favorite places on earth, no cell phones, no t.v and no internet. But I must say, I missed blogging! I am still trying to get caught up around the homestead, so I will be posting a couple of recipes I came up with at the lake in the next couple of days. It is amazing what you can create when you have limited resources. But I will share the workout I did while I was there!


12 minutes AMRAP

10 pushups

15 butterfly situps (or situp of your choice)

200 m walking lunges

It was a killer, especially doing it in the sand!

I hope everyone has a wonderful night and will be back to post some new recipes!

Nighty Night!

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