Just Be You

If there is one thing I have come to realize during my transformation, it is to just be myself. I have spent way too much time trying to be a certain way for different people in hopes that they will like me. Sometimes I tried too hard to not stand out, to be funny, quiet (which is extremely hard for me) or just wish I could fit in, but what I didn’t try hard enough to do was to be ME. I am still overcoming this, but I can say I am much, much better at being myself. I can’t change who I am, nor would I want to. I have a husband and family friends who love me for ME, and don’t want me to be someone else. I don’t want what other people think of me define who I am as a person. I am in NO way perfect, but we all have our faults, but we also all have our positives. So just be you, and surround yourself with people who love you, and don’t want to change you. I have of course met some resistance in changing over my eating habits and incorporating more exercise into my life , but it also gave me an opportunity to find out who stood beside and would accept me for who I am, and what I am going to achieve. I am not average, skinny, fat, ugly or pretty, I am just ME. Like Dr. Suess once said, “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”. I know you may not think this has anything to do with fitness, but I believe you need to not only change your body in a positive manner, but your mind and soul as well ;).

I am also posting an updated photo of my progress, and you would think by the third or fourth time doing this the fear would subside, but it hasn’t ;). I am okay with who I am and what I have achieved, but I think it is just the fact that I put myself out into the world for criticism, something I have faced a lot of, and it still scares me, but I will never get over this fear if I never concur it! My husband and I are finishing the last day of phase 2 of the Jamie Eason Livefit program today, and plan on beginning phase 3 once we return home from our fishing trip next Sunday! So here is a picture of me before I hit the gym the other day ;).



I found this amazing breakfast and wanted to share it with everyone! It combines both morning neccessities, coffee and oatmeal ;).

Mocha Oatmeal

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday evening, and are ready and prepared for the upcoming week!


13 thoughts on “Just Be You

  1. Jackie says:

    Omg omg omg…those abs! You are truly my inspiration. And by the way you are beautiful inside and out. YOU are who we love.

  2. Kayla says:

    Incredible Tiff! You are one hot chick! So proud of your hard work and everything you have accomplished in your new lifestyle. Ahh I am so excited for you!!!!!

  3. Andrea says:

    Tiff! You look unbelievable! Love reading your blog and keeping updated on how you’re doing even if we can’t see each other and catch up in person!

  4. Melissa Camplair says:

    thanks Tiff for this blog, I know im not the only one who thinks like that. Also Tiff you look amazing so happy for you and what you have done with your life. Keep up with the blog, love reading it.

    • theffitlife says:

      You’re welcome, I am so glad you liked it and take the time to read it! Your comments make me so happy, and can’t wait to have you back at work in a couple months!

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