Warm-Up to Win

Okay, so you walk into the gym and you’re pumped. You hit the squat rack and bang out 10 reps at 150 pounds, right? WRONG. A warm-up is just as important as the workout itself. I know, I know, you don’t have any extra time to do a warm up, but if you are serious about getting results, you will incorporate a warm-up into your routine.

Benefits of Warming Up

1) Raise body temperature.

2) Neural arousal

3) Opening of capillaries to muscles.

4) Metabolic adjustment to heavy loads

5) Prevents injuries

6) Synovial fluid, that lubricates the joints, is released during easy activity

For a complete explanation of the importance of warming-up, please check out the two links below!



I am the first to admit, I am working on incorporating a full warm up into my routine. I do, do a warm-up but not nearly as in-depth as these articles suggest. So for the month of August guess what I am going to be doing? Getting up earlier so I can incorporate a full warm-up into my routine.

I found this amazing recipe on, you guessed it, PINTEREST! It is the perfect snack, addition to yogurt or pre-workout snack and is easy to stash in your purse ;). If you decide to make it, let me know how it goes!

Peanut Butter Granola

Now for your anywhere, anytime workout! Don’t let the low number of reps fool you, once you hit the half way mark, you should see your old friend, sweat, returning.

Give Me Ten

10 Rounds For Time

1o walking lunges (on each leg/20 total)

10 push-ups

Last, but not least, make sure you are prepared for the week ahead. Meals are prepped (if needed), your workouts are planned and scheduled, your lunch is packed for tomorrow, and you workout gear is ready and waiting on your dresser or your gym bag is packed for your after work sweat session! The only way to succeed is to be prepared. DO IT!




One thought on “Warm-Up to Win

  1. Lacey Heald says:

    This was a perfect addition to my yogurt! I am also going to put some in my purse just incase I start to get hungry through out the day. I was also on interest and came across a really interesting health website called live strong.com that has tons of different articles on pretty much anything you could imagine, check it out when you have time 🙂 Thanks for another great recipe.

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