Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am addicted to Pinterest (and almond butter granola bars). But in all seriousness, I think I am. I thought Pinterest was such a silly invention and refused joining for a long time, but the other the day I thought what the heck. In the course of 3 days I have become addicted. Who in the world would think pinning things to your “board” or “liking” things would be so time-consuming and FUN! I thought I could find recipes jumping from blog to blog, God answered my prayers and made it that much easier because someone decided to invent Pinterest! It is a fitness junkies dream come true!

So in ode to my new addiction I will be posting some  amazing recipes I have discovered over the last few days. On another note, I wanted to talk about progress. During my fishing trip I will admit, I didn’t work out once, yes I said it, I didn’t work out! It literally just about killed me! In the end I am so glad I didn’t, and was able to give my body a vacation as well. I honestly came back feeling stronger mentally and physically. The first night back in the gym I curled 20 pound weights (3 Sets of 12), and I was so proud of myself! I have never been able to curl that weight for an entire bicep curl exercise. Before this vacation, we were working out a solid 6 days a week, and thought of over-training crossed my mind, but until this vacation, I realize the importance of proper rest. I truly believe your body needs a break, in order to build muscle and give it a break from the stress intense weight training can put on your body. As hard as it is to not exercise for an entire 5-7 days, the benefits are so worth it! So in order to progress, sometimes you need to what feels like taking a step backwards, and give your body some time off in order to reap all the benefits of your training.

Here is a wonderful article from on Using A Recovery Week to Propel Your Muscle-Building Efforts.

Now for some recipes I discovered on Pinterest!

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars

*You could easily make these protein bars by adding a couple scoops of protein powder. This would result in having to add either some more milk and/or nut milk.

Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip

Beet Chips

Here are first of some of the recipes I discovered, but certainly won’t be the last! These are simple recipes, that I am sure will be delicious!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening, and are ready to take on another day ;)!


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