Fishin’ In the Dark

Just kidding, but seriously I am going fishing just probably not in the dark! I am getting super excited to leave for my trip, but of course I leave too many things until the last-minute. Most of you who know me, know I am an extreme planner, I am not talking days or weeks, I am talking months, sometimes years, but I really lag in the packing and getting prepared for my trip department! Needless to say, I am ready to go (I think)!

We are taking a float plane into the lake we are going fishing at, so weight is an issue. This means I cannot over pack (which I still managed to do), hopefully I won’t be having to leave some gear behind ;). I kept my food overly simple for this trip, chicken, fish (hopefully ;)), egg/egg whites, oatmeal, protein powder, almond milk, steak, lots of vegetables & fruit, greek yogurt, almonds, and I also made granola bars and protein banana bread! Just because you are going on a trip doesn’t mean your lifestyle should to. We have a nine-hour drive to Fort McMurray tomorrow (where we catch our plane), so I packed a lunch and snacks for my husband and I for the drive tomorrow, which leaves no room for gas station pit stops on an empty stomach. I find as long as I am prepared, I am not left in a situation where I have to compromise my eating habits.

My Road Trip Cooler

1) Plain Greek yogurt with blueberries & strawberries

2) Homemade almond milk & protein powder

3) Apples

4) Sandwiches I made with sliced chicken breast, avocado, dijon mustard, kale and tomato

5) Carrots

It is making me hungry thinking about all this food!

But I am off to bed, since we are getting up early to get a workout in before we hit the road! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I will be back next Friday with some new recipes and highlights from my trip!




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