A Mother’s Transformation

My Mother’s that is! I am so excited to announce that my mom has allowed me to post her transformation pictures! So here is her story…

My mom was thin and beautiful to start, but was wanting to add muscle to her figure and wasn’t quite sure where to begin. I was planning a visit home in November (2011), and my mom knew I had started this new program called the Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer and asked if I would go to the gym with her and show her a couple of the workouts. I agreed! I was so happy my mom was interested in what I was doing and wanting to possibly start the Trainer as well. After that weekend in November she never looked back! She printed off all of the workouts, organized them in a binder and brought it to the gym every day with her (Her Workout Bible ;)). She never missed a workout, or came up with excuses to skip. Not only was she beginning to feel stronger but look stronger! She is now on her third round of the Livefit Trainer, being sure she changes up her sets and reps to avoid muscle memory,  and continues to see amazing results! This Hot Mama got rid of her “chicken wings” and “pooch” as she likes to say, by simply lifting weights and a clean diet! I am more than proud of my mom, she looks amazing not only on the outside but is amazing on the inside too! Not once did she ever say she was too old to do this, she took the initiative to make herself stronger and let no one stand in her way! In case you were wondering, my mom is 46 years old and proud of the way she looks. She has worked hard for everything she has achieved, and age is only a number. Never let a number stand in the way of your success!



Please send me pictures if you would like to me post your transformation! Seeing others transformations can be motivating and I want my blog to be a place where you can come to be motivated! Please feel free to share recipes, photos or tips you are hiding from me ;). I am constantly learning from others and the world around me, so don’t be shy and share!

I only think it’s right to end this post with a recipe, so here is a recipe for a slow cooker delight! Slow cookers are convenient and make cooking a breeze!

Healthy Slow-Cooked Salsa Chicken

Happy Hump Day!

6 thoughts on “A Mother’s Transformation

  1. Ally Gurr says:

    WOW….WOW….WOW…….Jackie you look freakin fantastic, you are both my inspiration 🙂
    Another reason to follow you heart Tiff and start you personal training courses…..by the time you are done, the gym might be done and you will be a highly sought after commodity!!!!!

    • theffitlife says:

      My mom is my inspiration too! I secretly compete with her lol, I can’t let her lift more weight than me ;).

      You are too kind Ally! I have thought really hard about taking the course and think I am getting closer to taking the next step and signing up for it. I love helping others, and it is nice to see other people believe in me, when sometimes I am unsure of myself.

  2. Jackie says:

    Thank you for the nice comments ladies. Even at 46 it’s not to late to be in the best shape of your life. It’s fun to see and even more feel the changes in your body. I owe this change in my life to my daughter who truly inspired me to be healthier and live a better lifestyle.

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