Workin’ On My Fitness…Collection That Is

Good Evening & Happy Hump Day!

I hope everyone has been having a great week! Just think, only two more days until the long weekend! But just because the weekend is longer, doesn’t mean your eating habits should follow the same pattern. Remember treat everyday the same. If you are going camping, make sure to pack clean foods, don’t let this long weekend ruin all of your hard work (yes this means no garlic bread or copious amount of chips, these foods do your body no good). Your body doesn’t know it is the long weekend, and only needs food as fuel. You can still eat clean and have fun (and maybe have a drink or two ;)). If your friends/family/spouse don’t eat the same as you, pack your own cooler and prepare some of your food ahead of time, that way there is no excuse to not eat healthy.

Since I haven’t come up with any new recipes lately, I wanted to share what I ate for lunch today. It is simple, yet delicious. Here’s what I ate…

2 Small sole fillets

Roasted Asparagus (tossed in olive oil and Mrs. Dash spice and cooked for 15 minutes at 400 degrees)

1/2 cup Brown Basmati Rice

Kale chips

1 cup of Green Tea


Now, I know most girls love fashion, as do I. I love shopping for cute outfits, but not only do I love shopping for everyday clothes, I LOVE collecting shopping for workout clothing! I figure that since I workout so much, I can’t wear the same outfit every time ;). I wanted to share some of my favorite workout clothing. I also get asked about what kind of make up and skin care products I use, so I will share some of those products as well!

I love purple and Lululemon, so it can’t get better any better than my Lululemon gym bag. It is just the right size and has so many compartments. I don’t just use this as a gym bag, but a carry-on as well.

I realized when I was taking these pictures that I might have a slight addiction to Lululemon, but it’s a healthy addiction right? Above are my favorite Lululemon zip-ups. I like to call them my “functional jackets”, since I can wear them working out, to work and as everyday wear.

Above are my favorite workout shirts and sports bras. The shirts and pink sports bra are surprise…Lululemon. I love these shirts to warm up in.

The clothing above was purchased at one of my new-found places to buy cute, more reasonably priced workout gear…Winners! The blue Nike sports bra is my favorite sports bra I own and was half the price! The purple tank top is Spalding, is ultra comfortable  and was only $14.99!

Above are my favorite crops. They are the Run: inspire crop II from Lululemon. The material is amazing  and keep you cool.

Under Armour makes some of my favorite workout tanks! They are the UA Victory Tank Top and come in super cute colors! They keep me cool, dry and less sweaty ;).

Now I thought I would share the brand of jeans I wear, since finding jeans can be complicated sometimes. I have a smaller waist, but larger legs, so trying to find jeans that fit properly can be like finding a needle in a haystack! I usually wear Miss Me, which can be found at Bootlegger and when on sale you can get a great deal. I also wear Rock Revival and Guess jeans, which seem to be the best fit for my body shape!

For part of my skin care regime, I use my Clarisonic every night, it makes your skin look and feel amazing! I highly recommend this product!

For the other part of my skin care regime, I use Arbonne products. They are amazing and actually good for your skin (made without mineral oils or parabens). I have tried other products, but nothing could compare to what Arbonne has done for my skin. For my daily moisturizer I use Arbonne Nurturing Day Lotion and at night I use the Moisturizing Night Creme. I also use some of their make up products, including their eye liner, Tinted Moisturizer (coverage is light and has SPF 15), and Sheer Glow Highlighter (provides the perfect glow!).  For my eyeshadow, I use bareMinerals READY 4.0 and their READY Blush. I care about what I put into my body,and also care what I put on it and these products are amazing!

I hope you can find some of this information useful when adding to your fitness wardrobe or beauty routine! If you have a favorite workout brand, store or beauty product, please, please, please share it with me!

Happy Hump Day!

One thought on “Workin’ On My Fitness…Collection That Is

  1. Kelti says:

    Yay Arbonne! I also love that you have so much colour in your life now Tiff! Keep up the inspiration lady!

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