Another Special Day

Good Evening!!

It is yet another special day, and this time it is my Mom’s Birthday, so a Happy Birthday shout out is in need! I hope her day was as wonderful as mine! Love you Mama!

I also promised to post pictures of my new sneaks and workout tops, so here they are! The shoes are New Balance Minimus and tops are Nike and New Balance (tank top)! I really love my new shoes. They are so comfortable and are not a color I would usually choose, but I have really stepped out of my box lately and am loving bright colors!

Since I am in a sharing mood, I thought I would stay on track with that theme and share my before and after pictures. These are honestly the hardest photos I have ever shared with anyone (and I still have a hard time believing the first one is me), but if I never do anything I am afraid of, I will never grow.

The first picture was in the summer of 2010. That summer was filled with a lot of beer drinking, smokies, garlic bread, bacon and hang overs. It is hard to admit I consumed all of those things often, but I need to be honest with you all, and most importantly myself. Sometimes it is so hard to notice that I had even gained weight, it may be because it added up slowly over the course of 3 years and also because I was in denial. I had never been “chubby” and could eat whatever I wanted, but the older I got the harder it was to stay thin without trying. By the time I noticed something had to change, I was engaged and was about to be married in a year, and I was not going to be wed looking like I was. So the transformation had slowly begun, I started lifting weights and did some cardio, nothing too intense. I was looking thinner by the time I got married, but still not satisfied, I was on the hunt for a program to really change myself. This is when I came across the Livefit Trainer, and since my body has never been stronger or more lean. I do partially credit Jamie Eason for my success, because she provided an amazing and free program,  but it was up to me to take the tools the program provided and get to work! So here I am today wanting to share what I have learnt, and what I am continuing to learn every single day!

SUMMER 2010                                       WINTER 2012

It is still so hard to see the first picture, but I now think to myself  “If I had never gotten to that point in my life, would I still be where I am today”? Would I have wanted to make such drastic changes to better myself, if I hadn’t had enough of looking like I did? I am not sure, but I am so happy now, I wouldn’t change anything if I could. My journey into clean eating , becoming healthy and getting fit has just begun, but I am so happy I am here and can’t wait to continue. There are always positives that come out of any situation, and another positive is I started a blog and get to share my journey, good and bad, with my friends and family. It is a great support system for me, and a place where I can be accountable and hopefully you feel you can be accountable here as well.

Take one day at a time, it took time to put the weight on, it will take time to take it off. If you “cheat during a meal, don’t think “oh well I have already screwed up my eating for today, so it doesn’t matter what I eat for the rest of the day since I have already ruined it”. This logic will get you no where you need to be. If it happens, shake it off and make a promise to yourself your next meal will be healthy and clean. If you ever need motivation, someone to talk to, I am always here. If you have a question, I may not know the answer but I sure will find it out for you!

Thought for the day?

What have you done lately that made you step out of your comfort zone, but made you happy you did?

And of course my motivational quote(s) of the day!


No More Excuses!

I thought this was very fitting for my post today. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Another Special Day

  1. Ally Gurr says:

    Tiff….I just love reading your Blog :). In week 4, haven’t noticed a huge body change, but the way I feel is tremendous! Read a quote the other day “it took you more than 3 weeks to get this way…..keep going”. So true!
    Keep up the good work 🙂
    Ally 🙂

    • theffitlife says:

      Thank you so much Ally! It is so nice to know people are reading it. Sometimes it is not always about the way you look, but how you feel, and I am so glad you are feeling so good! Since phase 1 is a muscle building phase, you will start to shed some fat in Phase 2, because you will start adding in cardio. That quote is true, and thank you for sharing your progress so far. It is nice to have others sharing their progress on here, so I appreciate it. It is a great place where we can support each other! If you have any questions feel free to inbox me!

  2. Lacey Heald says:

    Love your post! The exact same thing has happened to me, slowly putting on weight over time. Mostly because real life is a lot busier than the days we used to spend rollerblading around for 8 hours at a time. I’ve really had to make this a priority, but feeling this good is definitely worth the price. It has taken me time, and I am no where near my goal. For the first time ever I can’t wait to get into the gym or try out my new healthy meal! Hopefully the hard work will start paying off soon!

    • theffitlife says:

      Thank you! Your comment made me laugh at loud, if only we could still do that! After a while this lifestyle will become second nature, and you won’t have to think hard about what to eat and even have to make yourself workout. It is just part of my day, no more debating, it just happens. I plan my day around my workout if I have to. It makes me happy and feel so good so I hate to skip it.

      There is no way your hard work will not pay off, if you follow Jamie’s plan. Remember it is 80% of what you eat and 20% exercise. I am so happy you are feeling good and are loving it!

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