Im back!!!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am happy (sort of haha) to be back in the country and ready to get back at it! I missed my food and appreciate it so much more now that I had to go without it for a week. Not everything, but some of my favorites, blueberries, yams, and of course peanut butter! It is amazing how a short vacation can help you see what you want for your future and some ideas of how to get there. It is a nice mental break from reality and you can just focus on the moment.

Although I was on vacation, my husband and I still worked out everyday and ate as clean as we could at an all-inclusive resort. We mostly consumed chicken, spinach, oats, fresh fruit, avocado, raw & grilled vegetables, and shrimp. I also brought along with me almonds, protein powder, natural protein bars and vitamins. After all the effort we had put in getting ourselves into shape and completely over hauling our lifestyle, I didn’t want to use the excuse of “I can eat what I want because I’m on holidays”. I choose one night to have dessert and that was my “indulgence”.  I didn’t want to start over when I got home, and  if you want to make it a lifestyle you have to learn to live it no matter where you are, or at least do your best with the circumstances you have.

I know the food at the resort was cooked in some oil, butter, and salt, but eating chicken was better than heading over to the table with all the pastries, desserts, pasta and pizza. You can only control so many things, so I did the best I could, and guess what? I didn’t gain a pound! It was a great trip and I will post a few pictures later on today.

Anyways…now that I had some time to clear my mind, enjoy some R&R with my husband and attend a few business meetings, I am ready to take on whatever comes next in my life! Since I use this blog to stay accountable, I want to promise you that I will be taking more pictures of the food I make instead of just posting recipes. After I have eaten, I often think “that would have made a great picture”, so I am going to keep my promise! I am going to keep trying new recipes to share with you all, and since I love baking, I will be baking some new things this week.

To kick-start today, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite products I use. I have attached links for all of these products, but they can also with the exception of the protein powder (GNC) can be found at your local Beaverlodge IGA ;).

HONEYBAR Natural Bars

These bars use all natural ingredients (you can actually read them). Although they do contain fat(healthy fat) due to the nuts and some natural sugar from the honey, they are great for on the go and provide me with the energy I need when I need something quick. I have attached a link if you want to order online. When purchasing protein bars or snack bars, be sure to look for ones that are all natural and do not contain any form of sugar of artificial sweeteners. If there are any ingredients you cannot pronounce, I wouldn’t purchase it. Some protein bars on the market can have as many calories, fat and sugar as a chocolate bar, but the only difference is it has protein, so be aware!

Kaizen Naturals Whey

I use this whey protein everyday. It is sweetened with stevia and contains no form of artificial sweeteners. It is not overly sweet and mixes great with water, almond milk or regular milk. When you are searching for a protein powder, be sure to look for the one with no sugar or artificial sweeteners and also the least amount of ingredients.

Unsweetened Almond Breeze

I use this unsweetened almond milk on a daily basis. Be sure when buying almond milk, you purchase the unsweetened version as it doesn’t contain any added sugar.

Dannon Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

I prefer to use plain non-fat Greek yogurt. If you cannot eat the plain, due to the tartness I would just add a packet of stevia, or if you have liquid stevia, a couple drops will due. It is better to add your own, rather than buying yogurt with sugar, that way you know how much is in it. Adding in fruit is also a great to sweeten your yogurt.

Nuts to You Nut Butters

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE nut butters. I try to use organic products as much as I can, if they are available. This is a great brand, and the only ingredients are nuts! When looking for peanut/almond butter, be sure it is all natural and the only ingredient is the nuts themselves. Also, be sure to limit your daily intake of these butters, they can help you lose weight, but only in MODERATION.

Sriracha Hot Sauce

I just want to say thank God for this sauce. I love spicy food and is a great addition to any dish. Just make sure to read the serving size on the back to ensure you don’t consume too much sodium.

Blue Diamond Natural Almonds

Almonds are a great snack, and you can bring them anywhere. Again, when purchasing almonds (or any other nuts), be sure the only ingredient is almonds, and no added oils.

Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce

I know I have posted about this BBQ sauce previously, but I didn’t want to leave it out when posting about my favorite products, and maybe some didn’t get a chance to see that post. I love adding it occasionally to my chicken or turkey burgers. Also, be sure to check serving size in order to avoid consuming too much natural sugar from the honey.


If you decide to try any of these products I hope you enjoy them!

Also, if  you have a recipe idea and would like me to share it on here, please send it to! Any input is greatly appreciated.

Happy Tuesday!





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