Get Fit!

Happy Thursday!

I finally got my hands on a computer, aren’t you all excited! I have been antsy all day, wanting to write a post. So I won’t waste anytime. Since most of my posts are mainly about food, I thought I would post about fitness today. I want to share some of my favorite websites and tools to help you get fit.

Since I am also using this blog to keep myself accountable to my own goals, I thought I would “check in”. As for my progress, I am in the middle of Phase 2 of the Livefit Trainer again. I have completed Phases 1 & 2 twice now. Since you have to change your workouts every 30 days to continually see progress and avoid plateauing, I am changing the amount of reps and sets I do, and also increasing my weight. My body weight has not changed for about 3 months now, which I am okay with since I am happy where I am at (never thought I would say that!). But I am feeling great physically and mentally, and I loving this lifestyle! I am hoping to incorporate a new exercise program for 30 days to shock my body, and try something new. When I decide what this is, I will let you know.

Anyways….lets get to the good stuff.

If you workout at home, here are some great websites that have home workouts and use very minimal to no equipment. But just because there is no equipment, don’t think the workouts are easy! If you stick with them, they will whip you into shape.


Zuzka Light’s YouTube Channel

Bodyrock TV


If you are wanting to start losing weight, but are left wondering what your goal weight should be, how many calories should you be eating to achieve your goal weight and how do you track your calories. Below are some great tools in achieving all of these things.

Calorie Calculator – Calculates the number of calories you should be consuming for the weight entered.

myfitnesspal – This is a great tool to track the number of calories you consume daily. There is also an app for myfitnesspal on your iPhone or iPad. With the app, you can scan the barcode on the food you are consuming with your iPhone, and myfitnesspal brings up the calories on the product (it will make more sense once you use this feature.).

Ideal Weight Calculator – This calculator will let you know your ideal weight based on your gender and height. Just be aware, that if your body has more muscle than a regular person, you may weigh more than what this calculator suggests you should. I would just use it as a guideline, rather than an exact number.

INFORMATIONAL WEBSITES – This website is amazing! You can order your supplements, get free exercise programs, recipes, menu plans, search exercises and so much more. I have utilized this website a lot, since I workout at home and need to substitute certain exercises on the Livefit Trainer.

Oxygen Magazine – I love this website. It has lots of great information on training, nutrition, health and competitions.

If you are currently doing to wanting to do the Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer, I thought I would include the below links. They are the log sheets for each day on the program, but they include pictures beside each exercise. These sheets make it so much easier if you can’t remember a certain exercise or wanto be sure you are doing it correctly. Hope they help!

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

I love this quote, because it is so true! Create your own destiny.

Also, when somebody says, “you’re to skinny” or “you don’t have to exercise”, the below quote sums it up perfectly!


I hope all this information is helpful! It can be overwhelming at first, but take it one step at a time. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer, but if you have any questions please email me at, and I will try and help the best I can!


2 thoughts on “Get Fit!

  1. Jackie says:

    Way to go Theresa! I call to make sure you are sore! And luckily you are otherwise more torture will be in store. You have done amazing!

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