Motivation Monday!!

Alright, even though we are almost 2 months into 2012, it is never to late to start. You don’t need a New Year to make a resolution. No one can make you become healthy and fit, you need to be ready to do that on your own. It can be hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym, to not eat that chocolate bar or get your ass on the treadmill (pardon my french, but sometimes it’s needed ;)). Do whatever you need to do to get motivated:

1) Enlist a training partner. This can be a friend, husband, boyfriend, your mom or dad! Meet them at the gym at a certain time everyday, then that way you are accountable. If you work out at home set a time to workout the day before, then that way you can plan around it and mentally prepare yourself (this is how I roll, because I am a super planner).

2) Rip out pictures from magazines or print off quotes from the internet and hang them in your bathroom mirror so you can see them everyday when you get up.

3) Hire a personal trainer. This can be beneficial if you are new to the gym. They can create a structured plan for you, help teach proper form, gym etiquette, and how to use the equipment.

4) Get a calendar and every day you work out put an X through the day. This can be a great visual to see your progress.

Just Remember….

I though I would share this picture of Jamie Eason, hopefully this can give you some motivation! I know it sure gave me some. Anything is possible!


Happy Family Day!


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